Clark Lake Does It Again

After a sunny day, enhanced by blue skies and 50 degree temperatures, Clark Lake provided another glimpse at awesomeness.  But you had to be ready when it was.  The time span was short, but the glory was long, as you will see in the photos below.

While the sun was still up, it provided a clue to what was ahead.

Photo: Rick Belcher

Photo: Rick Belcher

And in a blink of an eye, the sky painted this picture.

A few minutes later, some deeper reds became part of the palatte.

Photo: Rick Belcher

Bill Leutz caught these two, out on the paddle boards enjoying the sunset–cousins Sally Lyons and Brandi Zak. 

Photo: Bill Leutz

Carefully balanced, Brandi took iPhone photos to memorialize the moment.  You’re seeing Sally on the paddle board in the two photos below.

Photo: Brandi Zak

Photo: Brandi Zak

Thanks to Brandi Zak. Sally Lyons, and Bill Leutz who made this article possible.




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